Falling Leaves

Day 23

I have decided not to follow the prompt for today and go it alone. I love this poem. It reminds us that we need to slow down.

Falling Leaves

The leaves fall slowly down as

I watch from my seat on a log.

The woods around me are ablaze with color and

from where I sit, I can see far across the valley.

The trees are turning slowly this year and are

giving us a show worthy of the Gods.

The air has turned bitterly cold  

And a few snowflakes have started to fall.

The leaves will fall faster now and

before long the trees will be bare.

Heralding the start of winter and

a time of sleep and rejuvenation.

Letting us reflect on life and being told to slow down,

the falling leaves are a reminder.

A reminder that even though things look bleak

We can look ahead beyond winter to spring

Look past those falling leaves to a new beginning.


Earth Day Acrostic – Don’t Let Me Die

Day 22

Earth Day Acrostic – Don’t Let Me Die

Earnestly show you mean to help

Accountability, no more lies

Return to me my seas of kelp

Turn blue once again my skies

Help me to grow my plains of wheat
Destroy not my mountains so high

Anger me not with your words so sweet

You  have worn out your welcome this time
Endearing to me are words that are true

Allow me a fate that is lasting

Remember that I am all there is

Today is all I can spare without wasting away

Help me before it’s too late

Dare to do what is right

Arm yourself for the fight

You can do it if only you try, Oh please hear my cries   tear


I don’t want to die.




What Makes You Think I Care?

Day 21

What Makes You Think I Care ?

A phrase often heard when I was young

It seemed to easily roll off the tongue

It was meant to hurt whoever heard

The direction of the words observed

By the speaker who had the upper hand

The say so, the rules and strength to grandstand

Words can often hurt more than any other

Things that can be done by another

The words were often meant to scare

What makes you think I care?

Board Games

Day 20

Board Games

Rainy summer days were long

And made for playing games

Scrabble was always first for Mom

Pick some tiles and hope they aren’t all the same
Clue was good for mystery and fun

Pick room,suspect and weapon

Eliminate the suspects one by one

Guess it wrong and show some aggression
Monopoly was always a winner

For hours and hours of play

You’d get so numb that you would shiver

And hope it didn’t last til doomsday
Board games were a family staple

I miss it now and then

It was fun and we were playful

How good it is to remember when