Day 17


The fluttering sound of their wings

Go by in the night with other things

Diving after their dinner

Catching a tasty morsel is a winner

Bats only come out at night

And they dance in a gossamer flight

Their wings are light but strong

Sometimes their night flights are long

The bat swoops down to catch its meal

And in turn it makes you squeal

It comes so near

Do you want to hear


Bat Sounds




Day 9


It brings me closer than I thought it might

Been feeling strange and not like myself now

These retrogrades moving at speed of light

Bowling me over like it was a plow

Not letting me move with usual grace

Just hoping I don’t lose my faith and trust

Wishing for room a bit of breathing-space

There are some things I’ll have to readjust

And maybe use a little Angel dust

Stocking Island

Day 5


Just a short hop by boat from the island of Great Exuma

There is an island set in crystal blue water

I remember playing with the starfish

Finding giant conch shells that were

discarded by their owners for bigger homes

Walking through the jungle paths

Up a hill to the salt beacon that

Years ago used to be lit whenever the islanders

Had salt to sell to passing ships

The view was magnificent

I will always remember that view


Day four.


I am loud!

I scare cats, dogs and babies.

I come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

I really made a mess today.

I coughed and my insides went everywhere.

It was so funny!

You have to change me when I get full.

It might not hurt to give me a quick wash

once in a while. Just with a cloth.

If you stick me in a tub it would be a big mistake.

You need me…you really need me,

Just remember

I am loud!